Friday, 2 July 2010

HTML 5: The Next Big Tech Thing

I've been extremely busy with my software project for the past six month, which by the way was launched last week. Hopefully, I will have more time now to share my view points on different things in life.

No matter how much we talk about architecture, the value added to a product through good UI is irreplaceable. think about iPhone in general for a second, not only the OS, but at the whole package.

I had to rely on Adobe Flex/AIR to create user friendly interfaces for my project. No doubt about it, Flex is truly the best tool out there when it comes to RIA and rich UIs. I've worked on DOJO and OpenLaszlo, but Flex is way more flexible and "cool". However, it can be painful at times.

Now then, HTML 5. Anybody who has worked with HTML/XHTML, they'd know how simple it is. I'd choose HTML to render my UI any day against plug-in based options like Flex. But with simplicity cam lack of usability and for rich interfaces, we had to reply on scripting, which often got "out of control".

Now imagine, creating rich navigation bars and even video/audio output through simple tags such as "nav", "audio" and "video". Imagine creating drag/drop interfaces and even using "micro" databases for offline web-apps!

HTML 5 is still work in progress although many browsers, including mobile device browsers, are providing supporting for many of the HTML 5 tags. As usual, Internet Explorer (IE) is lagging behind, but if they do not fully support this open language, it would be the final nail on IE's coffin.

For all those developers out there, do spend some time on the HTML 5 tutorials. Lets see how HTML 5 shapes the future of the web and software development. Perhaps it will end the pathetic war between RIA frameworks once and for all (I personally have suffered enough and waste quite a lot of time on the different options).

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