Thursday, 28 January 2010

Apple iPad Launched

Alright, this device surely deserves that I take a break from work and blog about it here. Apple iPad is basically a slate device. Sort of a slim and fancy touchscreen laptop, or basically a tablet PC. Here is a picture:

All these devices have different categorization and as more and more of these converged devices(mixing features of laptops and smart phones) are being introduced, tech experts are trying to categorize them properly.

I personally have been working on a Mobile Internet Device (MID) for sometime now, and although the ones I use for a project are extremely powerful, compact and feature rich, they are no comparison to iPad in terms of usability and practical use. In fact, many similar devices have been introduced from Asian manufacturers long back, but when I knew Apple will introduce one soon, I knew they would come up with something fantastic by simply doing the basics right. Basics such as decent-sized screen, user friendly custom apps and superior touch-screen experience.

I suppose other devices weren't able to tackle these challenges because they ran on traditional operating systems such as Windows XP.

The way Apple revolutionized touch-screen phones with user friendly iPhone, this will do the same to the UMPC/MID/Slates market. Imagine having a large-sized iPhone. Steve Jobs introducing iPads:

This device is extremely useful for non-technical computer users; those who use the net, type documents, listen to music and watch movies. Price starts from US$ 500 only!