Saturday, 19 December 2009

TRA Slaps OMR 100,000 Fine on Nawras

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has fined Omani-Qatari Telecommunications Company (Nawras) 100,000 rials over a complaint by Injaz International Telecom Company.

Injaz in its complaint claimed Nawras had refused to conclude an agreement to provide resale service in accordance with the terms of the licence and the regulations of the executive bylaw of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act, despite the legal procedures followed by the Injaz to conclude the agreement.

The TRA, after reviewing the facts, decided to impose the fine to be paid within one week from the decision.

The TRA said that Nawras has received the penalty for violating Articles No.93, 94, 98 and 99 of the executive bylaw of the Telecommunications Regulatory Law.

The authority has also decided to give Nawras 15 working days to conclude the resale agreement with Injaz under a plan presented to the TRA.

In its complaint to the TRA, Injaz asked it to call on Nawras to observe and stick with the licence issued to it and to sign an agreement in accordance with the requirements of the licence relating to the regulatory framework in force.

Injaz has also asked the TRA to address Nawras to apply solutions for the smart network which hosts Injaz to be able to launch its services.

Injaz had also urged the TRA to impose financial penalties on Nawras as it violated the terms of the licence and to also help get compensation on delaying to enter the market.

With regard to the Injaz request for compensation, TRA has decided to give Injaz the freedom to go to court if it considers it appropriate. While in connection with Injaz request to the TRA to take a precautionary measure by holding the two agreements between Mazoon and Samatel, the authority does not believe that such action will serve public interest.

On its part, Nawras represented by Ross Cormack, chief executive, said the decision came suddenly, while Nawras still looking at the basis in which the TRA took the decision. Nawras has already worked hard to finalise the agreements with resellers, and Mazoon has already launched its services, while Samatel is scheduled to launch services during the first quarter of next year.

“The company has its own priorities, but our attention is always going to focus on customer service,” he said.


  1. Good to see TRA taking effective actions.

  2. TRA is playing a significant role in monitoring the competition in the Telecom sector. And this is not the first "and hopefully not the last" proof. A very good job indeed.

  3. Ouch..Collateral damage (but only a minor one)