Sunday, 20 December 2009

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours

Alright, you all going to love me for sharing this. You all know the wonderful song called I'm Yours from Jason Mraz right? I mean this song:

OK, here is another version of the same song. The funny kid's version of I'm Yours:


  1. LoL
    He’s freaking cute! The only thing he got right from the lyrics is “I’m yoursss”

    Thanks for sharing! =D

  2. Aaaw very cute!

    Best parts about it is the cough at the beginning and the head-butting...he's so into the song! lol

  3. Oh God. Save Me. That was heart-breaking, hilarious, and I wanted to pull my hair out at the same time. I love Jason Mraz.

  4. Sting, my last post 'A New Beginning' is dedicated to you and Faith

  5. hahahaha u gotta admit this lil one is just too damn kool for a kid his age

  6. Yalabbiiiii so adorable! I'm so borrowing this entry from you =P