Monday, 17 August 2009

A Must Watch Documentary

Many of us were young during 1980s and 1990s. Many simply didn't care. It doesn't matter whether you're an Arab, a Muslim, a Christian or a Westerner. The videos below from a BBC documentary called Power of Nightmares narrates and describes the events that have shaped our world today.

Words like Terrorism, Extremism, Taliban, Al Qaeda and Evil Republicans did not land from space on one fine day. Many people today, not only in the West but even in Muslim worlds confuse Freedom Fighters with Terrorists.

The following videos will not only give you a historic perspective to the realities around us today, it will also explain the creation of extremist groups around the world and their relations with the extremists in US:

I really wish this makes us think before believing things we read in newspapers and watch on TV. More importantly, I hope it clarifies how certain groups had/have hijacked the religion for their own agenda! How extremists on both sides have attempted to ruin the name of Islam, thanks god however, they have failed miserably.

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