Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Kim Peek: The Real Rain Man

All of us are unique in a way, sometimes productive for humanity, sometimes productive for our community and sometimes productive for our families or ourselves.

However, I believe that only people who truly understand themselves honestly and be what they are, they will be enlisted in one of the categories above. In other words, people who are not original and who pretend for different shallow reasons, will perish!

Most of us have watched the movie Rain Man. I am sure we all have met unorthodox people, also known as mentally challenged people, but who would have thought that that character was influenced by a real living man with a unique brain!

The man is known as Kim Peek:

All of us can learn something from special people like Kim Peek or his father Fran Peek. What have you learned?


  1. It's a great testament to how little we really know and how much we have to be open to God and to our fellow men in order to learn who we are and what the world is.

    Openness. Listening. Never writing people off. Never being satisfied with our own understanding.

  2. Yeah Jeff, I agree. Imagine a machine created by human that has flaws but working so overwhelmingly better in so many things.

    We do know too little, but god helps us understand and learn by creatingg such special people.

    Imagine how much have scientists and all those whove come across Kim Peek and his father have learned?

  3. Subhan Allah .. that was amazing ..

    Thanks so much for sharing this. What an incredible human being.

  4. Welcome Sara.

    Gifted yet challenged individuals like Kim Peek are called Savants. There are only about 50 Savants around the world!