Wednesday, 11 March 2009

John Stewart Roasts CNBC

They say don't believe everything you read, in today's world, don't believe anything you read, hear or watch. At least, not before questioning and analyzing it to the best of your ability. We are lazy beings, we tend to just simply believe information we’re exposed to. It might be difficult, but observing everything analytically expands our knowledge and understanding, and isn’t that worthwhile?

Had business people and investors in America, around the world for that matter, not blindly followed rumors and news channels, I am sure we would have been in a much better situation economically.

The economical disaster in US has spread across the world, having an economical butterfly effect!

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  1. very right, But why am i not surprised? i find the American people (majority of them) really eat whatever u feed them.
    Thats y the media have a alot of power there, its like they've lost their ability of critical analysis.

    I cant imagine that same level of gullibity in the Arab World.. we are too analytical (THANK GOD) but we do have our drawbacks of having these preconcieved ideas.. but thats another discussion.